SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Zastava M70 ZPAP Underfolder

SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Zastava M70 ZPAP Underfolder

Zastava USA had a genuine underfolder variant of the ZPAP M70 on its wall this year at SHOT Show 2023, and it’s sure to please a lot of AK enthusiasts who’ve been requesting the import for some time.

Earlier this year, Zastava released an underfolder stock kit that could be installed on standard fixed-stock ZPAP M70 rear trunnions. This was a new concept, as normal underfolder AKs require a dedicated rear trunnion specifically designed to accommodate them.

The new underfolder kit from Zastava, shown installed on a standard ZPAP M70.

While this new stock gave M70 users a nice option, many viewed it as a half-baked attempt at the real deal. Hearing these complaints, Zastava decided to deliver what the people want by importing a true underfolder ZPAP M70 variant.

The new genuine underfolder ZPAP M70 variant with an affixed bayonet.

Yugo-pattern underfolder AKs have been imported before, but it’s been quite some time, and it was before the current iteration known as ZPAPs which are generally regarded as the highest quality AKs that Zastava has ever brought into the U.S. Now those who were in the market for an underfolder AK can have a more genuine version of what was almost certainly the most popular and iconic AK variant in Yugoslavian/Serbian military service.

The Zastava rep told us that they should be hitting shelves later this year and should only have a slightly higher MSRP than the standard ZPAP. They also claimed that there will be another version released later with a side scope rail that will still allow the stock to be folded (when there is no optic mounted). Underfolder AKs traditionally lacked the optics rail as it interfered with the stock, but apparently, Zastava has modified the design of either the rail, stock or both to allow them to exist on the same rifle. As a bonus, the underfolder ZPAP rifles will also be sporting bayonet lugs.

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