SCCY Adds Red-Dot Pistols With CPX Expansion



Outfitted with Crimson Trace reflex sights, the CPX series gives shooters an affordable choice in optic-ready pistols.

How SCCY's CPX line gets the edge on other optic-ready pistols:

  • Starting a less than $350, the line is among the most affordable in its class.
  • The Crimson Trace CTS-1500 provides a durable and accurate aiming solution.
  • The red-dot is attached via a slide cut, keeping it low profile and rugged.

If you’ve used one in competition or simply banging around at the range, you know the first word that comes to mind with a reflex optic—cheating. Once you get a knack for acquiring your target with the red dot, the pace at which you place hits and transition is amazingly fast. Given this, it’s no wonder optics have wandered from pistol matches to more mainstream shooting in recent years. Though at a price.

Outfitting your rig with a red dot comes at a premium, not only due to the addition of the optic itself, but also the mounting system. Slide cut models almost always run well above the standard, even if they only come outfitted with iron sights. Which makes what SCCY has accomplished all the more impressive. The new CPX line not only arms shooters with a fully outfitted optic-ready system, complete with a reflex sight, but does so at some of the best prices in the category.

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How low has the gunmaker gone? For the CPX-2RD and CPX 3RD, the MSRP is $339, in the case of the CPX-1RD and CPX-4RD it’s $349. That should leave enough over for a new optics-compatible holster and plenty of ammo.

Budget arms are SCCY’s trademark, but the company hasn’t skimped with its new configurations. The 9mm (CPX 1RD and CPX 2RD) and .380 ACP (CPX 3RD and CPX 4RD) pistols each come factory-outfitted with Crimson Trace CTS-1500 red dot sights, a low-rise optic ideal for a concealed-carry gun. The 3.5 MOA auto-dimming red dot gets 20,000 hours life out of a battery and comes with a three-year warranty. Furthermore, it is mounted to the CPX pistols via a slide cut, ensuring it maintains the lowest-possible profile and utmost ruggedness.

As for the pistols themselves, they’re long on features, including SCCY’s QUADLOCK Barrel for repeatable accuracy (CPX-3/CPX-4), 10+1 capacity, and fixed sights. The CPX series pistols have aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy receivers coupled with a stainless steel slide. The grip frame is made from Zytel polymer, boast finger grooves and an integrated recoil cushion on the backstrap. The one catch point for some on the hammer-fired pistols, they’re DAO. But don’t let this facet scare you off, SCCY has generally produced a more than manageable trigger, even if the pull is more than a striker-fired.

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