Springfield Armory Releases 1911 DS Prodigy In 9mm

Springfield Armory Releases 1911 DS Prodigy In 9mm

Springfield Armory has just released the DS Prodigy line, featuring two sizes of double-stack 1911 models chambered for 9mm.

While 1911s chambered for .45 ACP may forever be timeless classics, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a little modernization. The concept of a double-stack 9mm 1911 was first pioneered over 30 years ago, but it didn’t experience widespread success until STI Firearms (now Staccato) introduced its own version called the 2011. Since then, many companies have released their own spins on the concept, but the newest is the DS Prodigy from Springfield Armory.


The two new models are officially called the 1911 DS Prodigy AOS 9mm and the 1911 DS Prodigy 4.25” AOS 9mm. As you might’ve guessed, the former model features a 5-inch barrel while the latter’s is 4.25 inches. Both models are also optics-ready and are available with a preinstalled Hex Dragonfly red dot sight. The pistols ship with a cover plate and an AOS (Agency Optic Systems) mounting plate with a Springfield Standard footprint, but other plate patterns will be available separately. Other DS Prodigy features include ambidextrous safeties, raised fiber-optic iron sights and polymer grip modules with wraparound Adaptive Grip Texture.


The primary appeal of the DS Prodigy 1911 line is their capacity. Each pistol will ship with one flush-fit 17-round magazine plus one extended 20-round mag, and 26-rounders will also be available separately. Regardless of the model chosen, all DS Prodigy pistols will also feature forward slide serrations, an accessory rail, a black Cerakote finish and a match-grade bushingless bull barrel.


Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory, said this about the new guns:

The new Prodigy 9mm, the first in our new family of 1911 double-stack pistols, takes everything that shooters love about the 1911 platform and enhances it with increased capacity and a host of performance features…Combining cutting-edge capabilities with all the proven benefits of the 1911, the Prodigy is a must-have addition for any handgun enthusiast’s collection.

Both models of standalone Prodigy DS 1911 pistols have an MSRP of $1,499, and the packages that include red dot sights both have an MSRP of $1,699. All four options are available now.

For more on Springfield Armory, please visit springfield-armory.com.

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