First Look: Girsan MC 14T Tip-Up Pistol

First Look: Girsan MC 14T Tip-Up Pistol

EAA has just announced the Girsan MC 14T, a new .380 ACP pistol import with a tip-up barrel design.

The European American Armory Corporation, or EAA, has just announced an exciting new Turkish pistol import. Called the Girsan MC 14T, it’s chambered for .380 ACP and looks to be inspired primarily by the Beretta Model 86. The defining feature that makes it reminiscent of the Model 86 specifically, and what differentiates it from other Beretta Cheetah Series clones, is the inclusion of a tip-up barrel.

Girsan MC 14T feature

While clearly influenced by the Beretta Model 86, the Girsan MC 14T is not a direct clone and has plenty of features that set it apart and arguably improve upon the original design. Firstly, while the Model 86 featured a single-stack 8-round magazine, the MC 14T instead has a double-stack 13-round mag similar to other .380 ACP Beretta Cheetah models. Other features such as its accessory rail, checkered composite grips and ambidextrous manual thumb safety help bring Girsan’s new pistol into the 21st century. The rest of the MC 14T should be pretty familiar to anyone who’s handled a Beretta Cheetah variant before, including its DA/SA trigger and fixed iron sights.


The tip-up barrel feature is primarily being marketed toward those who have difficulties operating the slide on traditional semi-auto handguns. Other companies have attempted to address this issue in the past with slides that were easier to manipulate, but for those who don’t want to mess with a slide at all, the MC 14T could be a very attractive option. To load a round into the chamber, all one has to do is press the lever on the right side of the frame down to release the barrel, pop a cartridge in, and snap the barrel closed.


The Girsan MC 14T will begin shipping in April, will have six color finish options and will have an MSRP of $498.

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  1. Just another damn pistol with an accessory rail. Make it without an accessory rail it would be a nice carry option and also cost less to manufacture. Please, stop with the damn accessory rails!


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