First Look: Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP


Hellcat RDP 1

Dubbed the Hellcat RDP, the variant of Springfield's popular micro-compact comes decked out with features to make it more manageable and accurate.

Springfield Armory struck gold with the introduction of its Hellcat pistol. Among the smallest of the micro 9mm options to hit the market in recent years, the bantamweight also boasted impressive firepower. With 11-rounds on tap with its flush-fit magazine and 13-rounds with its extended mag, the Hellcat had claw enough to come out on top in most force-on-force scenarios. Good as the pistol has proven, the gun company is going the extra mile with the latest addition to the Hellcat family.

Dubbed the Hellcat Rapid Defense Package (RDP), the new pistol boasts all the features that made it popular in the first place, plus a couple of extra accuracy-enhancing assets. Perhaps the most radical of the upgrades is the pistol now comes with a 1/2″-28 TPI threaded muzzle on the 3.8-inch barrel, which comes pre-installed with a self-indexing compensator. Unorthodox as it is, the device does make some sense on the petite package.

Manageable as the original micro-compact proves, its lightweight and abbreviated grip makes it a hair jumpy in the hand for some, thus a bit slower shot to shot. The machined anodized aluminum compensator solves this, eliminating much of the muzzle rise, thus quacking the pace of accurate follow-up shots.

The device might not be everyone’s cup of tea, given it does increase the Hellcat RDP’s overall length to 7 inches. Though even for this group, the threaded muzzle might be appealing opening the gates for the addition of a suppressor and more enjoyable (at least quiet) range time.

Hellcat RDP 2

As for the other enhancement, Springfield debuts its HEX optics on the Hellcat RDP. Direct-mounted on the slide HEX Wasp red dot provides a low-profile aiming solution specifically tailored for the pistol. With the same footprint as the Hellcat OSP, the ruggedly built, IPX7 waterproof-rated Wasp features an aluminum body and an anti-glare-coated glass lens, and the ability to co-witness with the gun’s iron sights. The Wasp boasts a quick acquisition 3.5 red dot that offers a 65,000-hours run time between battery changes.

Less evident than the other features, the Hellcat RDP is also outfitted with Springfield’s new Gen 2 trigger. Featuring a new flat contour, the shoe proves more comfortable, reduces the felt pull-weight and promotes a more linear path to the break. The pistol is available with or without a low-profile thumb safety, in either case, the MSRP on the Hellcat RDP is $899.

Hellcat RDP Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 19.3 ounces
Width: 1 inch
Length: 7 inches
Height: 4 inches w/ Flush Mag, 4.5 inches w/ Extended Mag
Barrel Length: 3.8 inches
Sights: Tritium/Lumine
MSRP: $899

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