First Look: 2021 Browning Buck Mark Additions


With some slick new designs and tweaks, the Buck Mark Vision Plus URX and Countour URX are born to run.

While its name doesn’t get bantered about like some .22 LR pistols, shooters have long respected what the Browning Buck Mark brings to the table. Chief among these, accuracy and reliability. The slick and still futuristic-looking pistol is a lights-out option in its class. And with Browning not allowing the line to go fallow has only gotten better over the years. Case in point, the two new Buck Mark pistols the gunmaker unveiled for 2021.

Swelling the line’s numbers to 41 total pistols are the Buck Mark Plus Vision UFX and Buck Mark Contour URX 5.5-inch. Purpose-built and advancing the fundamental design, the guns stay true to the line’s roots while offering shooters some much-appreciated amenities and tweaks.

Buck Mark Plus Vision UFX

Buck Mark 1

Nimble and striking in appearance, the Plus Vision UFX addition serve up one of the trimmest models of the Buck Mark line. At 27 ounces unloaded, the straight blowback pistol is among the lightest options, boasting some clever engineering to save weight. In particular, a tensioned outer and cut aluminum sleeve around the Plus Vision’s 5.9-inch stainless-steel barrel. Not only does the machining give the pistol a unique sporty appearance, but also removes material and weight, while promoting heat dispersion.

Browning’s main thrust with the Plus Vision’s weight savings is making the pistol more conducive to the addition of a suppressor. Yup, it has a threaded muzzle (1/2″-28 TPI). Though, if you forgo adding a can it does come with a factory-installed muzzle brake, helping make the already .22’s negligible muzzle flip nearly nonexistent. Also, the new Buck Mark comes outfitted with 16-click adjustable Pro-Target rear sight with white outline, TRUGLO/Marble Arms fiber-optic front sight, UFX rubber over-molded grips and Picatinny optics rail.

Available in with the choice of three barrel-sleeve colors—black, red and blue—there's an option for nearly any taste.
MSRP: $719

Buck Mark Contour Gray URX 5.5 Inch

Buck Mark 3

The Buck Mark Contour is nothing new, neither is a 5.5-inch barreled option.
But how Browning sets shooters up for success with the new rendition of the highly accurate model is a twist. Breaking from the typical Picatinny optics rail, Browning has opted for a full-length Weaver-style rail on the pistol, offering nearly unlimited mounting options. Finished matte gray, the rail also gives the pistol a dashing two-tone look.

While the addition of an optic is in the books, shooters can also keep things simple with the new pistol, thanks to a 16-click adjustable Pro-Target rear sight and Patridge-style front sight. Furthermore, the gunmaker ensures the utmost control over the .22 handgun, outfitting it with URX over-molded grips. As its name suggests, the handle has finger contours, facilitating an intuitive and commanding grip on the pistol. The 5.5-inch barrel—there is a 7.5-inch barrel model as well—makes for a quick-handling pistol, but with enough weight (36-ounce unloaded) to erases almost all recoil. In short, the pistol has the chops to run fast, accurately.
MSRP: $579

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