Taurus Announces G3XL Carry Pistol

Taurus Announces G3XL Carry Pistol

Taurus’ latest addition to the G-series line of pistols is the G3XL, featuring a full-size G3 slide on a compact frame designed for concealed carry.

Taurus’ G-series of handguns aim to be as inexpensive as possible while still providing shooters with no-frills, reliable CCW pistol options. The guns are quite basic, but they do seem to have the quality where it counts respective to their price tags. Taurus claims that the G-series has the best performance-to-cost ratio of any CCW pistols on the market, and despite the guns’ basic features, they are at least known for being very reliable. The newest addition to the G-series is the Taurus G3XL, and despite being yet another polymer-framed 9mm striker-fired handgun, it does bring something new to the table.

Taurus G3XL right

The Taurus G3XL is a hybrid handgun that uses a full-size slide on a compact frame. This is almost like a reverse Glock 19X, and it’s what many people believed Glock should have done when they released that model. By using a full-size slide with a compact frame, the G3XL gets the best of both worlds in a concealed carry pistol: the concealability of a compact grip combined with the sight radius and performance of a full-sized slide and barrel.

Taurus G3XL angle

The manual safety lever on the G3XL has been removed and the accessory rail has been shortened to streamline the pistol and provide for a faster potential draw time. While Taurus doesn’t state it outright, the fact that the new pistol uses a standard-length G3 slide should make it compatible with existing G3 holsters as well.

TaurusG3XL left

The G3XL will ship with two flush-fitting 12-round magazines, making it just as concealable as the older Taurus G3c, but it will be able to accept extended 15 and 17-round magazines as well. A 10-round model is also available for those who live in states with magazine restrictions. The G3XL's sights, finish and other small features are otherwise unchanged from the rest of the G-series guns, including its economical price with an MSRP of $342.98.

For more information, please visit TaurusUSA.com.

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