On And On: The Ammunition Shortage Continues


Ammo shortage continuesAround the Ocala area, “Throughout the past two years, Davis has scoured hunting stores and pawn and gun stores for ammunition,” the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

“Those that could keep it in stock were asking premium prices and usually getting them.

“Since I was a young man, I never remembered having difficulty finding ammunition,” Davis noted. “It's never been like this.”

While many reason for the shortage are cited, including two wars and fears over the bad economy, “there's the obvious, quantifiable reason: After the 2008 election, a lot more guns were sold. And those guns require ammo, especially since the new owners started enjoying the sport of target shooting.”

“We had people who never owned a handgun in their lives come into … the store and buy,” said Sandy Brygider, owner of Ocala Armory on U.S. 27. “And the big demand for guns was from Obama getting elected. Obama sold more guns than Clinton, which I never thought would be possible.”

Meanwhile, Davis keeps looking for ammunition.

Source:  FL ammo, Ocala Star-Banner 7/6/10

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