Pistols in the Pews… It is about time.


Predators look for helpless targets. Have there been any mass shootings at churches? How come you never hear about mass shootings at gun shows. The recent passage of a new law in Louisiana makes it legal to carry your sidearm in church. Check out this link: https://www.digitaljournal.com/article/294375

Whooo RAYY for that! You SHOULD have a sidearm in church. You SHOULD be able to stop evil people anywhere they perpetrate evil. And if some nut job decides to shoot up a church, he should fear that rounds will be coming back at him. End of story. If you disagree with me you are just plain wrong. We need to fight back.


  1. This is a good thing, and it’s not a new concept.nnAfter King Charles II issued his Acts of Uniformity in 1662, forcing over 2,000 English puritan pastors from the pulpits and sending the King’s Army out to hunt down protestants, one historical record tells us that, “A conventicle is attended by 600 armed worshipers…” Sourcennhttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=6&ved=0CDAQFjAF&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wpcspi.org%2FDr.%2520Lee%2527s%2520Research%2FThe%2520Scottish%2520Covenanter%2520Movement.pdf&ei=5lU3TOPOC8HhnAee84mzAw&usg=AFQjCNFA0gBFMmfXiFjyj4d2joWXYFKWQg&sig2=JOPa6qcddBhasrH6IAhkAQnnIt was also quite common for the Scottish covenanters who were living during the “killing times” under Queen Bloody Mary, to be armed during church services.nn”King Charles 1 had introduced the book of common prayer in 1637 and any dissension (such as preaching ) from this, became an act punishable by heavy fines or ultimately death. These times became known as “the killing times” and was a particularly dark period in Scottish history. There were a few battles such as those at Drumclog, where armed worshippers routed the battle hardened Dragoons led by John Graham of Claverhouse (later Viscount Dundee)” Source


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