Gear Review: Stuck On Clinger Holsters

Gear Review: Stuck On Clinger Holsters

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With sturdy Kydex construction and an innovative design, Clinger Holsters more than delivers on its promise of absolute concealment.

Carry holsters are, it sometimes seems, like opinions — everybody’s got one. From Kydex to leather, and everything in between, it seems there’s an almost unlimited supply of options from an ever-increasing number of manufacturers, which makes it hard to know where to start. A recent review of two holsters from Clinger — the V2 No Print Wonder and the Stingray — hit the sweet spot for carry rigs, whether you’re toting around a full-size or compact handgun for personal defense.

The Clinger Holsters V2 No Print Wonder is designed to handle heavier loads like the Springfield XD 4-inch 9mm that I test drove the carry rig with for a month. It features a Kydex shell with two tabs, one a Kydex Cling Tab, the other a leather tab.

Both tabs feature belt clips, and when you tighten your belt, the Cling Tab, located on the lower grip side of the holster, pulls the grip in tight to your body. The leather tab flexes with your waistline, adding to the comfort you need with daily use. The No Print Wonder, which is adjustable for cant, keeps a full-size handgun parallel with your torso, keeping the grip from pointing away from your body and eliminating the concealed part of your carry gun.

In terms of everyday carry, I found the No Print Wonder to be extremely comfortable, and it works as advertised — it leaves a minimal footprint on your side, even with a larger handgun. I dress business casual often, so the fact that the V2 is tuckable is an absolute must.

The holster is incredibly stable, even with a lot of activity and movement. At the same time, it’s comfortable in the truck or at a desk when worn at the 3 o’clock position, and after a full day’s wear, I was still comfortable. One concern was how the Cling Tab had a tendency to push the belt outward, sometimes adding bulk, but I found this to be consistent with holsters of this type, and the tradeoff with creating a small footprint was well worth it. The V2 No Print Wonder retails for $70.

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The second holster, the Clinger Holsters Stingray, features a Kydex shell with a single belt clip on the rear side of the holster. It is ideally designed for smaller handguns that require less support when carrying. For this wear test, I utilized Ruger’s new American Compact handgun in 9mm.

Like the No Print Wonder, the Stingray also keeps a low profile on your side. The main difference is a single belt clip rather than two, which does create a bit less stability when carrying for some shooters. I did not notice an appreciable difference in comfort, however, with the Stingray.

Both holsters can be adjusted for retention pressure, and the V2 can also be converted to a Stingray holster (keep that in mind if you want one holster to fill both roles). The Stingray carries an MSRP of $39.99.

In terms of recommendations, the Stingray is great for smaller-framed handguns in the sub- and compact categories, although lots of shooters carry large handguns in it. The Stingray rides with roughly a 0-15-degree cant (adjustable) and offers slightly less stability, in my opinion, something I’d be concerned about with a full-size handgun (though some people aren’t bothered by it at all). I also like the Cling Tab for a full-size, as it helps keep a small footprint and improves concealability at just the right angle.

As far as versatility in carry positions, I’d go with the Stingray — you can wear it at the 3 or 5 o’clock positions, or appendix carry if you so desire. Both of these Clinger Holsters are great and would likely meet your needs, depending on preference and handgun selection.

Editor's Note: This article is from the May 2017 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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