LaserLyte Introduces Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Kit

LaserLyte Introduces Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Kit

laserlyte-quick-tyme-fIn addition to offering an assortment of laser sighting systems for handguns and rifles, as well as bore-sighting tools, LaserLyte also produces a number of training tools to help shooters practice. One new training tool that the Arizona-based manufacturer has recently announced is the Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Kit.

The new kit includes the new Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target and a Trigger Tyme Full-Size Pistol. The Trainer Target comes with a built-in stopwatch for measuring time, and the Trigger Tyme Pistol simulates the size and feel of the classic Glock 19.

The LaserLyte Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Kit is a perfect option for anyone looking to simply practice their accuracy, or to improve drawing and firing from a concealed carry holster. The Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target's integrated stopwatch counts up from zero until the target is shot with the Trigger Tyme Pistol. The shooter is then able to see both the elapsed time and where the hit occurred on the LED target.

For shooters who prefer to train without the stopwatch feature, the target also offers a Tracer Laser Fire Mode, which simply displays the placement of each shot in the order they hit the target. This provides shooters with instant feedback on shot placement so they can correct the issue. Shooters can also use the target in combination with other LaserLyte targets to create a competitive course of fire, with the Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target acting as a stopwatch for the entire course.

The entire kit is available at an MSRP of $279. Separately, the Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target and Trigger Tyme Pistol go for $199.95 and $149.95, respectively.

For more complete information on the two products in the kit, check out the detailed specs below or visit the LaserLyte website.


LaserLyte Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Target:
– Activation: All LaserLyte Laser Trainers
– LED Timer records draw time, LED bullseye displays accuracy
– Batteries: 3 x AA
– Battery Life: 6,000 Shots
– Material: High Impact ABS Polymer
– Weight: 16.80 ounces
– Depth: 1.25 inches
– Height: 9.50 inches
– Width: 6.50 inches

LaserLyte Trainer Trigger Tyme Full-Size Pistol:
– Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
– Activation: Trigger activated
– Batteries: 3 x A76
– Battery Life: 50,000 shots
– Weight: 15 ounces
– Material: High impact ABS polymer
– Length: 7.25 inches
– Width: 1.15 inches
– Height: 5.50 inches

LaserLyte Quick Tyme Laser Trainer Kit - HGN Training

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