Ohio: Proposed Anti-Gun Regulations for County Workers Softened


In Summit County, Ohio, home to the city of Dayton, county officials have proposed regulations to prohibit county employees from having access to firearms while on the job. But after criticism that some of the proposals violated Second Amendment rights, “The county no longer will seek to prohibit employees from carrying a legal firearm or handgun in their personal vehicles when they are working˜a move that effectively would have barred workers from having a weapon while commuting to and from work,” the Columbus Dispatch reported.

Said Jason Dodson, chief of staff for County Executive Russ Pry, “It was never our intent to limit that right.”

Originally, a proposed county ban against employees having firearms in county vehicles was extended to include personal vehicles. “County Councilwoman Gloria Rodgers, who raised doubts about the [larger] proposal∑said she appreciated the proposed change but still doesn't see the need for the legislation.”

“We should let people have their constitutional rights,” Rodgers told the Dispatch. She noted that county workers have faced dangerous situations in the past, and should have the ability to protect themselves.


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