1,200 Tennessee Handgun Permits Canceled Since 2005


In it's latest attempt to derail the concealing of permit holder information, the AP has come up with the worst that it could find about the Tennessee Handgun Carry permits. So far (unlike here in Arkansas) nothing has worked.

The latest is this, KTHV is only too happy to comply, “Nearly 1,200 Tennesseans have had their state-issued handgun carry permits revoked or suspended for running afoul of the law over the last four years.

Under a bill advancing in the Legislature, the public would be barred from finding out their names or the circumstances that caused them to lose their rights to carry loaded weapons in public.

The measure sponsored by Democratic Rep. Eddie Bass of Prospect and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris of Collierville would bar the release of any information related to “the issuance, renewal, expiration, suspension, or revocation of a handgun carry permit.” Read more

Source: Arkansas Concealed Carry Association




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