Homeland Security’s Gun Smuggling Report Misleads Law Enforcement


Yesterday, we talked about Homeland Security's “Rightwing Extremism” report. I was able to give you a link to the document itself because it has been unclassified.

The picture on the right is the cover of their “Intelligence Report: United States Southbound Weapons Smuggling Assessment.” I can't refer you to the document itself because it is marked “OFFICIAL USE ONLY – LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE.”

What I will do is share a few highlights that are germane to recent discussions we've been having.

A “Key Finding”:

Outbound firearms seizures are highly likely to be associated with non-US persons.

Whew! That's a relief. So it's not the fault of American gun owners?

A “Background” assertion:

Open-source reporting alleges as much as 90% of weapons used by Mexican organized crime derive from US sources as a result of lenient American gun laws that subvert strict Mexican anti-gun laws.

Now hold the phone. We've not only shown that's a lie, but that it's a damned lie. Why is an agency of the federal government misrepresenting not only the numbers but also the laws to the law enforcement community? Read More

Source: Gun Rights Examiner


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