Open Carry Suit Filed in Wisconsin


Today civil rights attorney John Monroe filed a federal lawsuit against West Milwaukee and it's police force for gross abuses of power against a man solely because the man was legally carrying a holstered gun.  A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.

The complaint alleges that police illegally detained, harassed, and arrested Jesus Gonzales without cause in violation of the federal constitution.  Further, the complaint alleges that police unlawfully demanded Gonzales' social security number in violation of Section 7 of the Federal Privacy Act, arguably a felony under the Social Security Act at 42 USC 408.

Mr. Gonzales was never actually tried in court, but the complaint alleges that the police have refused to return the property confiscated from Mr. Gonzales.'s co-founder John Pierce, a law student at nearby Hamline University in Minneapolis, MN where open carry is also legal, says that “the police have no more power to confiscate openly carried handguns that they do to confiscate openly carried cell phones.”

In Wisconsin, like most states, citizens can openly carry handguns in public without any permit. Recently a Wisconsin judge ruled that mere open carry of holstered handguns is not “disorderly conduct” in Wisconsin. Read More

Source: DC Gun Rights Examiner


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