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Beretta 92 Compact

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The Beretta 92 needs no introduction. As our Military’s sidearm, the full-size Model 92 performs its duty. The 92 Compact takes the combat and street-proven Model 92 pistol and reconfigures it in a smaller package using a 4.25-inch barrel and a shortened grip for improved concealment. Using a traditional DA/SA trigger, the 92 Compact is good to go on the draw with no need to flip off a safety. It also holds 13+1 rounds of 9mm ammo in its all-metal frame and weighs only 31.6 ounces unloaded. The 92 Compact has a small footprint; only 7.75 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. The Inox finish is a matte stainless steel that is impervious to sweat, humidity and corrosion. Plus, it uses any Model 92 style magazine. ($800)

Street-proven concealed carry handguns for everyday defense.
Taking on the responsibility of concealed carry, personal protection means choosing the right handgun. That can be a daunting task. You need to factor in the type of handgun, the caliber, and how you will carry the pistol on your person. Include training time, too, since you need to be proficient with your chosen handgun. Handle as many models as you can to find the one you can operate and shoot the best.

Remember the trade off is this: Smaller pistols are easier to conceal but are harder to shoot accurately and operate. You might find a slightly larger pistol easier to control and fire more efficiently but is bulkier on your hip.

The 10 concealed carry handguns listed here are on my short list of safe, concealed carry pistols. All are proven performers, and all have the ability to blend in with your everyday life so you will be ready if you should need it.

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