Video: Primos Trigger Sticks for Stable Shooting

Video: Primos Trigger Sticks for Stable Shooting

Putting yourself in the best position to take an accurate, ethical shot on game in the field is one of the most critical aspects of hunting. An unsteady position can result in complete misses or, even worse, a poorly placed shot that merely injures, as opposed to humanely killing the animal being hunted.

For many, setting up might simply entail going prone or creating a stable field shooting position while seated. But for those who might not be able to get into those positions or those who prefer a sturdier platform, a portable shooting rest might be a better option.

While many choices exist in terms of portable shooting supports, one of the best available is the Primos Trigger Sticks line of shooting sticks. Being both highly portable and sturdy, they represent an excellent shooting aid for hunters who need some added stability afield.

In the video above, Gun Digest contributor Phil Massaro explains how the Primos Trigger Sticks work and why they are such a great tool for hunters in the field, regardless of what type of game is being pursued.

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