Video: Walther’s Competition-Ready Q5 Match Series Pistols


Engineered as top-line race guns, the Walther Q5 Match series is long on features and performance.

BMW, Mercedes, Audi … when you think of fine German engineering cars are what typically come to mind. However, the country has more than its fair share of expert gunmakers. Mauser, Heckler & Koch and, of course, Walther have impeccable reputations their tightly built and highly functioning firearms. In recent years, Walther especially has turned heads with its specialist competition pistols – the Q5 Match Series.

What makes the two models – Q5 Match and Q5 Match Steel – that compose the line stand out, isn’t simply the shootability and accuracy of the 9mms. But also a slew of features designed to give you a leg up in gunning for gold. Among the most notable, and common to all the Q5 Series pistols, are fiber optic front and rear sights, lightening cuts in the slide, slide cut for optics mounting, ambidextrous slide lock and adjustable backstrap. A pretty nice package right out of the box.

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As their designations suggest, there is a difference in the materials used to make Walther Q5 Match pistols. Originally polymer-framed, the gun company new steel model is meant to add a bit more heft to the gun, thus soak up recoil and make it faster shot to shot. An iteration competitors have requested for some time now.

Overall, Walther’s Q5 Match series has built a solid reputation in and out of matches. It’s easy to see why.

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