Video: Picking The Perfect Revolver For Your Needs


It might be an age-old design, but the revolver is better and more versatile than ever now.

Though it’s been a standby handgun design for going on two centuries, the revolver is better than ever now. Today’s wheelguns offer more options, are tailor made for specific uses and spit out among the most powerful cartridges ever devised. That last point – red-hot cartridges – is among the top reasons why a lot of people are attracted to revolvers. Who doesn’t want to hold thunder?

John Tupy of The Modern Sportsman, showcases one of the all-time favorite brutes in the above video with Smith & Wesson’s Magnum Hunter chambered in .44 Magnum. Along with this, he also gives the single-action Ruger Vaquero and concealed-carry specialist Kimber K6 the once over. Of course, there are more reasons why you should fall in love with the tried-and-true handgun besides the potential to shoot big lead.

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Reliability is among the most reassuring assets of the revolver. Certainly, these guns can and do malfunction – a pulled case is catastrophic and all but renders a revolver a hunk of metal until taken to a gunsmith. But overall, this and other cases are rare.

Hand in hand with this is ease of use. Most of the time, many issues with the gun – say a cartridge that does not fire – is addressed by simply pulling the trigger again until it goes bang. Not the case with semi-automatics. While the newer style of handgun has the revolver beat in capacity and reloading, it is more sensitive to malfunctions and more involved in addressing them.

Overall, there is still a load of reasons to give the revolver a look.And with the options available today, you’re sure not to be disappointed.
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