Video: Behind The Wheel Of Formula 1 Competitive Pistols


Built for speed and accuracy, the STI Omni and CZ-USA Parrot are true hot-rod competitive pistols.

There’s no reason to get freaked about competitive pistol shooting. You’re more than welcome to run what you brung – within reason – making it simple to get into the game. Besides, the original intent of IDPA and USPSA was to improve how you handle your defensive handgun with truer-to-life shooting. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with gunning for gold either.

If you fall into this class, and have the skills for the hardware, there are some mind-boggling race guns at your disposal. Tuned to perfection and running like the wind, they live in center mass and razor off seconds. Think of them as the Formula 1 of competitive pistols. And if you’re not familiar with them, they’re about a world away from the off-the-shelf shoot’n irons you know.

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Two such examples are the STI International Omni and CZ-USA Parrot. Enhanced capacity. Check. Optics ready. Check. Tuned to the hilt. Check. They’re truly marvels, to say the least, but not just for any old shooter. You’d better be serious about the game if you plan to get into an Omni or Parrot.

They take a little more than spare change under the couch cushions to get into. The STI International gun runs a smooth $3,999 and CZ-USA’s hot-rod comes in north of the $4,000 mark. Though, if you’re gunning for the winner’s circle, the pistols might prove a great value.

CZ Parrot Specs

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 20 Rounds
Magazine Type: Double Stack
Grips: Thin Aluminum
Trigger Mech: SA Only
Sights: Fixed/C-more
Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged, Threaded
Barrel: Length 5.4 in
Weight: 3 lbs
Overall: Length 10.47 in
Height: 5.51 in
Width: 2.44 in

STI International Omni Specs

Caliber: 9mm & .45 ACP
Barrel: Patented Recoil Compensation Barrel – 5.00
Finish: Diamond Like Carbon, Black
Magazines: 1ea/ 126mm and 140mm
Trigger: 3.0 lbs w/ Ambi Safety Levers
Sights: HOST 2 Dot Tritium Rear with Tritium Front
Grip: 2011® DVC Texture, Black
Other: HOST Optic Cut, Dawson Precision Tool-Less Guide Rod, Tactical Slim Magwell, Railed Frame

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