Video: World’s Smallest Rifle — SIG Sauer’s MCX Rattler


SIG Sauer's new MCX Rattler is being described as the world's smallest rifle, and it packs a lot of firepower into an incredibly small package.

SIG Sauer has been doing a lot of innovative things with its already-innovative MCX platform recently. Earlier this summer, the manufacturer debuted its MCX Virtus, an upgraded version of its standard MCX, modified based on input from various special operations soldiers and built to achieve a service life beyond 20,000 rounds without replacement parts. Now, SIG has officially unveiled another impressive adaptation of the platform: the new MCX Rattler.

Designed, again, based on requests from Tier 1 operators, the MCX Rattler is billed as the world's smallest rifle. With its stock folded, the entire package is smaller than just the MCX Virtus' standard 16-inch barrel alone.

SIG Sauer MCX Rattler - 1And folding the stock does nothing to hinder the functionality of the rifle. All controls remain accessible, and the gun can still be fired with ease. Plus, the stock can quickly and simply be switched back and forth between the extended and folded positions, meaning it can be stored discreetly and rapidly brought into the fight.

Externally, the rifle appears to share quite a few characteristics with the previous MCX Virtus. However, the differences are also pretty obvious as well. The MCX Rattler features a much shorter barrel and a correspondingly shorter handguard.

Given its very short barrel, the standard MCX Rattler is an NFA affair. Some will be just fine with that. Others might not be.

Luckily for those individuals, it looks like SIG might also be offering an MCX Rattler pistol variant, which will feature an SB brace. This is sure to be a popular item and big seller, given the lack of NFA hassles.

Check out the video above to learn more about the groundbreaking new MCX Rattler and to see the rifle in action.

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  1. Why are you guys saying it is the smallest? There are multiple examples of rifles smaller than this. One of the biggest examples is the SR-3, which was used (and still being used) by multiple government agencies, as-well as LE in Russia for over the past two decades.


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