Video: What’s To Love About 3 Gun?


Kicking up the action with 3-Gun matches.

Shooting in and of itself is heart pounding, the definition of exhilarating. Crazy as it might sound, there is a way to kick up this thrilling passion of ours if you're willing to pick up a new game. Competitive shooting, while it takes some practice to excel, is among the most exciting and downright enjoyable ways to take your shooting to the next level. None more so than 3-Gun.

As its name implies, 3-Gun challenges your ability across three distinctly different firearms — pistol, shotgun and rifle. And while becoming steely at transitioning one gun to another in rapid succession might seem a steep summit to conquer, it’s not as daunting as it appears. Certainly, it takes blood, sweat and tears to join 3-Gun elite. But for those who simply want to have a good time, brush up their firearms skills in a practical fashion and dial up their adrenaline, the game is fun to no end.

As a bonus, there are few other ways — outside of immersive tactical training — to become more proficient with a wide spectrum of firearms than 3-Gun. Perhaps not directly transferable to defensive gun use, the pressure to perform is certain to make you more confident no matter what gun you happen to be running at that particular time.

Bonus: Fast as the unforgiving second, a 3-Gun stage pushes shooters to their limits. See how pro-shooter Keith Garcia handles the pressure, transitioning from shotgun to pistol to rifle.

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