Video: Does SIG’s Micro 9 P365 Cut Muster?


Small in stature, big on firepower, SIG hits the right notes with the P365.

The simple rule about concealed carry, you’ve got to carry. It might sound intuitive, but there are more than a few armed citizens who don’t always abide by this simple dictate. That's playing bad odds in a game that could cash in your chips for good.

There are more than a few reasons why carry consistency is difficult to achieve. Holster comes to mind as a primary candidate, given finding the right one right away is akin to walking in a field and just picking a four-leaf clover.  The other big issue is the right gun; not everyone’s lifestyle is conducive to carrying a full-sized 1911 or a traditional double-stack. At the same tick, everyone wants what those tried-and-true defensive options offer.

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In recent years, the marketplace has attempted to answer these seemingly contrary desires with a new generation sub-compact pistols, particularly the micro 9 variety. Of these, SIG Sauer’s P365 has gained a healthy amount of attention as of late, given it ticks off a slew of boxes shooters have for an everyday carry option. In particular, concealability, potency and capacity.

Certainly, the striker-fired pistol catches eyes (perhaps better, avoids them) due to its extremely small size. Palm-sized and 1-inch wide, the P365 practically fits into anyone carry regime, even those dominated by shorts and T-shirts. However ample capacity – that is a full 10+1 round capacity (12+1 with the extended magazine) – is what has put the pistol on many armed citizens’ radar. Even if you’ll need that many rounds, it’s reassuring they're there if your life is on the line.

Is the SIG Sauer’s P365 the perfect choice for every person aiming to go armed? Most likely not. But given unobtrusiveness, concealability and ample firepower, it should hit a lot the right note for a lot of armed citizens. Especially those whose aim is always to be armed.

P365 Specs
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Action: Semi-Auto
Frame Size: Micro-Compact
Grip Type: Polymer
Frame Finish: Nitron
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: Nitron
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Accessory Rail: SIG Rail
Trigger: Striker
Trigger Type: Standard
Barrel Length: 3.1 in
Overall Length: 5.8 in
Overall Width: 1.0 in
Height: 4.3 in
Weight: 17.8 oz

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  1. BE AWARE THAT THE P365 TRIGGER WILL PINCH, ACTUALLY BITE THE TOP OF YOUR TRIGGER FINGER! Because after firing, the trigger is always pushed to its most forward position by its spring, similar to a double-action trigger, and because of the rounded, cupped shape of the bottom of the trigger, it captures the finger and pushes it straight up and into the sharp leading edge of the opening in front of the trigger. SIG denies that this is an issue, but for those who have not yet bought one and experienced it, you really need to try before you buy.

    It’s easy enough to test and you need not be at the range or even need to cock the pistol, but can if you want. Simply hold the P365 in your hand as if you were going to fire it, pull the trigger back, and then, while keeping your finger on the trigger, let the trigger’s spring push the trigger forward to its most forward position and it will pinch the top of even just average sized fingers every time! Even if you have smaller fingers and don’t initially feel it, you can make it happen by just moving your finger to the top of the trigger as you do this. No pistol should pinch your trigger finger like the P365 does no matter how you hold it or shoot it, whether you have large or small hands! You can’t even intentionally make any other pistol or revolver trigger pinch you like this does! And if you don’t think it’ll bother you, guess again. You’ll be plenty annoyed after you’ve felt it enough times and then compared it to the lack of bite after firing any other handgun you have.

    SIG has been made aware of this problem but refuses to acknowledge it, stating that they asked one of their gunsmiths about it and he said there’s no problem. Then perhaps it’s time for the whole P365 community to speak out as there have already been a few postings about this pinching issue on some of the forums and which they know about! So, apparently there need to be more postings.

    Now that you’ve been made aware of this issue, know that you’ll have to live with it along with all the other early adopters until SIG first acknowledges it, and then fixes it. Or, you can wait until version 2.0 and hope they will have addressed it by then. As for those who already own a P365, you need to immediately get a hold of SIG and let them know that you too are not happy with this flaw and want them to fix it (just like they did all the other earlier P365 issues) with what appears to be a need to modify the shape the trigger to keep it from pushing the trigger finger straight up into the sharp leading edge opening and pinching it. Otherwise, they will just continue to deny and ignore it.


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