Video: The Elegant Power Of The Ruger Blackhawk Bisley .45 Colt


With hot loads, the Ruger Blackhawk Bisley .45 Colt is the definition of unadulterated power.

The .45 Colt doesn’t make the headlines it did when chaps were all the style and gridlock meant a tumbleweed pileup. Yet, in the right gun, the tried-and-true cartridge is an absolute sledgehammer. Burning supernova hot and outdoing many of its magnum counterparts, it’s suitable medicine for a wide swath of game, including the particularly cantankerous kind.

Consider, a .45 Colt load meant for a modern revolver is fully capable of slinging a 300-grain bullet in excess of 1,300 fps from the muzzle. For comparison, a .44 Magnum shooting a similar projectile comes up around 100 fps short of that mark. And the .44 is no peashooter, as most know. It packs a lot of wallop.

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As alluded to, not any .45 Colt revolver will suffice for these hot load, unless you hate your fingers. It requires the strength modern metallurgy and the ruggedness only found in comtempory engineering. Vintage Colt Single Action Army revolvers won’t do. It’s got to be something like a Ruger Blackhawk.

Introduced in 1955, the single-action revolver was specifically designed to stand up to the violent pressures generated by magnum cartridges. As an added benefit, it allowed age-old favorites such as the .45 Colt to flower into their full potential and find a second life – especially among reloader live to hot rod cartridges. Furthermore, the 6-round revolver has proven dang accurate, making it a top choice for those who a have a yen for tracking game with a handgun.

At the same tick, the Blackhawk is a looker. The one handgun hunting guru Max Prasac wields – a Ruger Blackhawk Bisley – in the above video is a prime example. Color-case hardened by Turnbull Restoration, the revolver has the classic good looks of an old west legend. Yet, it allows a shooter all the advantage of a cutting-edge modern arm. What better to launch a updated classic, such as the .45 Colt?

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