Video: SIG Sauer MPX Proves One Cool Customer


An advanced operating system and fully modular, the SIG Sauer MPX remains a top AR-style pistol option.

When you think about it, AR-style pistols make a world of sense. Nimble, shootable, in potent calibers, with plenty of firepower on tap, the platform outguns nearly any other pistol it might run up against in a close-quarters situation. About the only hitch in its giddyap is concealability, there’s always a tradeoff somewhere.

The market for these short and wicked guns has flourished in the recent decade, with a multitude of configurations available to suit any number of operations. But, by far, SIG Sauer’s MPX Pistol proves one of the coolest – not to mention most practical – out there. A rock-solid operating system and an intuitive design, the AR-style pistol is meant to milk the most out of the platform, with the utmost ease.

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At the heart of the original MPX and next-generation Copperhead MPX is a short-stroke gas-piston operating system. Rare among pistol-caliber carbines – the MPX is a 9mm – it tames the recoil to a mere suggestion, compared to a simple blow-back gun. In turn, even without a brace, the pistol maintains incredible shot-to-shot accuracy that, for the most part, is presently unparalleled. Not to mention, the system fires fully closed with a locking rotating bolt, as you’d expect from a modern gun.

Furthermore, SIG took the time to make the MPX as shooter friendly as possible. Obviously, there are the familiar AR controls, making it second nature to operate if you have any familiarity with the long gun. But a bit more nuanced are the little extras, such as a hand stop – which should be standard issue on any AR-style pistol, but sadly isn’t.

Overall, the SIG Sauer MPX takes the AR-style pistol to another level – both the original and Copperhead. The only question remains is, do you have what it takes to get the most out of the gun?

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