Video: Last-Ditch Defensive Gun Takeaway


Far from a first-line technique, a properly executed defensive gun takeaway is potentially a lifesaver.

As a gun owner it’s simple to pigeonhole the concept of self-defense. We practice, we carry, we’re prepared.

Despite this vigilance, there are circumstances where an armed citizen can find themselves unarmed or unable to access their gun. In a scenario such as this, if a thug gets the drop on you and seems determined to pull the trigger what then? Options are slim, but Lek Nazi presents one last-ditch prospect that has the potential to snatch you from the jaws of catastrophe — a defensive gun takeaway.

Certainly, the maneuver the founder of New York’s Double Eagle Tactical Training demonstrates should be considered utterly the last playable card, when no other route is available. Furthermore, it’s not an improvised move, but precisely executed from years of practice and with forethought. Finally, it has its limitations — if an assailant is out of arm’s reach you’ll grasp at air. However, trained up on a gun takeaway and not faint of heart, it’s potentially a lifesaver.

It bears repeating, unless you’ve got high-level hand-to-hand combat experience with the Israel Defense Force, this technique requires expert instruction. Also, this is an out-and-out, end-of-the-road option. By a magnitude of ten, escape or accessing your personal-defense gun — if the opportunity presents itself – are much better choices.

That said, the idea of a gun takeaway does give us something to consider. Self-defense shouldn’t purely rely on one factor, say your firearm. If possible, a complete arsenal, including hand-to-hand defense, isn’t a bad goal to have, if you take self-defense seriously. The more options at your disposal, the greater likelihood you’ll protect your life.

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