Video: Illuminating Low-Light Shooting Particulars


An engagement can happen at any time, day or night. With this in mind, learning low-light shooting basics is imperative to have an upper hand in lethal-force encounters.

Unless you lock yourself in your linen closet once the sun goes down, likely your risk profile includes low-light environments. You know what? Felonious thugs tend to operate in these settings, using darkness to cloak their misdeeds. If you have grasped where this is going, it means that if you value your safety you better sharpen up your low-light shooting skills.

Jamey Caldwell, an instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator, sheds some light on the topic in the above video. Which, at its most fundamental, is less daunting than it sounds.

What Low-Light Shooting Entails
Equipment and darkness add challenges to engaging a threat, but getting your gun into the fight remains the same at midnight as it does mid-day. This means, you’ll still draw, present, prep the trigger, build a sight picture and break a shot adhering to the fundamentals. That’s the good news. The bad, the two added variables—low light and equipment—are doozies.

Unfortunately, a 4-minute video isn’t enough to give a full grasp of all theories and tactics for conquering the dark. Hours could be spent on weapons lights theory and technique, let alone adding in actual shooting. Suffice to say, like anything self-defense, the only way to become proficient is through training and practice. Which, in and of itself is a challenge. Gun ranges generally don’t let you dim the lights for this kind of training.

Unless you have access to land where you can safely shoot when the sun is over the horizon, expect to enroll in a low-light shooting course. Even if you’re experienced with a handgun, it’s a worthwhile investment when lead by a qualified instructor. Plus, it comes in a setting in which you can send live rounds downrange, which is indispensable.

Importance Of Learning Your Equipment
This isn’t to say you can’t get some experience without burning powder. Becoming familiar with your equipment, be it a flashlight or a direct attach weapons light is as imperative as solid marksmanship. Dryfire practice in the confines of your home makes an excellent venue to educate yourself on your illumination equipment.

It’s valuable time spent. Lethal-force encounters happen within a blink of an eye, adding another piece of gear to the equation only slows down your response further. You do the math. It only makes sense you know your torch as well as you do your gun, lest you fumble what might be your only chance to defend yourself from the things that lurk in the shadows.

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Get More Instruction From Jamie Caldwell:

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