Video: Colt CSR-1516 Review

Video: Colt CSR-1516 Review

When you’re competitive, it’s easy to let equipment empty your wallet. Shooting sports are no different.

When it comes to 3-gun competitions and the like, however, it appears Colt has a rifle that performs and pinches pennies in the same breath. Or at least that’s Anette Wachter’s (30CalGal) verdict on the CSR-1516 in the above video.

Wachter should know a thing or two about competitive-grade firearms, given she is part of U.S. National Rifle Team, in addition to being a tactical-rifle and 3-gun competitor.

Right off, Wachter admits she had her doubts about the rifle that is until she got it out of the box. From there, the competitive shooter found the CRS-1516 exceeded all expectations – right down to shooting MOA on her first three shots.

One of the big pluses Wachter touts in the video is the price of a rifle. At less than $1,000 (it's listed with a MSRP of $990 on Colt’s website) the rifle is within the range of most shooters and seems to be a value.

Some of the savings is achieved by the 1516 being fairly spartan when it comes to features. It does not have a dust cover or forward assist, which might cost it a fan here or there. But what it lacks in a few of the perks, it appears to make up for in performance.

Watcher's take, the lightness, managable recoil and snappy trigger make it a fine choice – pegging it as a workhorse AR-style rifle. For someone aiming to protect their home and loved ones or is interested in jumping into competitive shooting the CSR-1516 might be an option.

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