Armed Citizens in Action, September 2014

Armed Citizens in Action, September 2014
Photo: Galco Gun Leather
Photo: Galco Gun Leather
Photo: Galco Gun Leather

True stories of everyday armed citizens taking action to defend themselves and others.

  • A 63-year-old grandmother from Prichard, Ala., used her 9mm handgun to protect herself and her granddaughter during a home invasion. Phyllis Law’s home had been broken into previously so she was ready when she recently heard a door being broken apart. She gave the burglar a chance to retreat, but the man kept coming closer and Prichard fired several times, killing the home invader. Police arrested a second suspect, too, according to FOX10News.
  • Hearing a commotion downstairs, a New London, Conn., homeowner grabbed his handgun and discovered a teenaged burglar armed with a knife and loaded handgun. But at the sight of the armed homeowner, the Hartford Courant reported, “The juvenile immediately dropped his gun and complied with the resident’s orders to remain still until police arrived.” Police charged the young burglar with a number of offenses, including assault with a firearm and first-degree threatening with a weapon.
  • A homeowner in Jackson, Miss., recently opened fire on two intruders, killing one and wounding the other, after the pair staged a 2 a.m. break-in. “You’re entitled to have a weapon in your home and certainly you’re entitled to defend yourself and your home,” Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance told “The deceased suffered the consequences that come sometimes when you break into somebody’s house.”
  • Lisa Atkin, of Junction City, Ore., was home sick from work when she heard the noise of an apparent break-in. She retrieved her handgun from the nightstand and found that a young man had forced his way into her home. She held the burglar at gun point until police arrived. “We’ve been through the Oregon Firearms Academy courses, so we were trained to deal with these kinds of situations,” Atkin told News.

Citizens in Action appeared in the September 18, 2014 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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