Video: Boyds Adjustable At-One Stock For Shotguns


With Boyds At-One Stock, a custom-shotgun fit is in reach of almost every shooter.

One of the striking aspects of a custom shotgun is its fit. Length of pull, drop at comb, everything is tailored like a fine suit so when it's at the shoulder the gun becomes almost an extension of the shooter himself. It is nearly ideal in every way, allowing shotgunners to dust birds with ease or break blue rock like it's going out of style.

However, there is a major drawback to a custom shotgun — price. It typically takes a substantial investment to put a scattergun that's stock is chiseled to fit you like a glove into a gun case. Or does it?

Surprisingly, with the Boyds At-One Stock, a custom-gun fit is in reach of almost every shooter. Similar to stocks available for precision rifles, Boyds' shotgun version gives shooters complete control over LOP and drop, ensuring the gun shoulders fast and intuitively. And as Gun Digest Editor-in-Chief Luke Hartle shows in the above video, the stock is a snap to adjust. Its slip-nut retention system means it only takes a push of a button to modify its dimensions to yours. No spacers. No screwdrivers. Just more time shooting.

Additionally, the At-One Stock has interchangeable grips, forearm width inserts and comes in 11 different colors. The precision shotgun stock is available for two of the all-time popular shotguns — the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500. And best of all, at right around $200, nearly every shotgunner can work one into their budget and shoot a gun that performs like it was made just for them.


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