Gear: Gun Control System Maximizes Gun Storage

Gear: Gun Control System Maximizes Gun Storage

The Gun Control System by Madhouse Design will get your guns in order.

How does the Gun Control System get your guns organized?

  • Madhouse Design’s Gun Control System is a customizable storage system.
  • Its rails, swivel bodies and pins are configurable to nearly any application.
  • Constructed with aluminum, stainless steel and rubber overmolds, the system is rugged, yet gentle on guns.
  • The only drawback is the system is non-locking, so it does not secure a gun.

As you’ve likely already noticed, we’ve been referencing our recent Gun Digest reader survey a lot lately, and for good reason — we simply want to give you what you want. Many of the responses we saw were in line with what the Gun Digest team expected. On the other hand, there were some surprises: We knew the average Gun Digest the Magazine reader owns a lot of guns, but as indicated by the survey, y’all have been busy acquiring more than expected. We’re a little surprised — and way more impressed!

Gun-Storage-First - Gun Control System

But with owning a pile of guns comes one significant problem — storage.

An Innovative Option

Boutique gun and shooting accessories companies aren’t hard to find these days — it seems like everyone has an idea and a website that’s going to “dramatically change the way we shoot.” Heard that one recently? Yeah … it’s getting old.

That said, there are a few diamonds in the rough, and we recently discovered Madhouse Design, which seems to be one such diamond. Madhouse offers a handful of unique sighting and optics mounting solutions, but of particular interest is their Gun Control System. What’s so appealing? Your ability to customize their system to your needs.

The Gun Control System allows everyone from single-gun owners to gun collectors to retail shops to mount a single pistol or multiple pistols in an efficient and organized manner that can be fully customized depending on need. The key here is three-part simplicity: a rail, a swivel body and a pin. Think of the system like Lincoln Logs for gun geeks: Build it how you want and need it.

Options For Any Modern Gunner

Single-Pistol Mount

Gun-Storage-Second - Gun Control System
If you need quick access to a gun and can imagine a place to mount it, you ought to be able to get it done with this: Under a desk, on the side of a nightstand, under you bed, in a cabinet, in your truck. And for the collector, the Single-Pistol Mount offers a low-profile means of displaying a single gun of distinction.

Multiple-Pistol Mount

Rail lengths on the Multiple-Pistol Mount are available in 1-, 2- and 4-foot increments. And because the swivel body — well, swivels — you can mount the rails vertically, horizontally or even diagonally if it suits your fancy. Mount it to the ceiling of your gun safe. In a locked display cabinet. You’ll figure it out.

Safe-Door Mount

Gun-Storage-Third - Gun Control System
In your storage solution right now, what’s the biggest waste of space? In all likelihood, it’s the door on your gun safes, right? The double-rail configuration mounts securely from the top of your gun safe door and works with any door width. This system accommodates up to 12 pistols in a versatile and compact manner without taking up valuable safe space.

Built To Your Imagination

Mounting Rails

Gun-Storage-Fifth - Gun Control System
Mounting rails are constructed of 6061 aluminum with a Mil-Spec Picatinny profile for secure mounting of firearms in any position. Four sizes are available for single- and multiple-pistol mounts, or they can be configured as a safe-door mount.

Swivel Bodies

Each swivel body locks securely in 7 positions at 30-degree increments or locks out to “free float” for easy access.

Barrel Pins

Gun-Storage-Sixth - Gun Control System
The pistol mount pin is constructed of 303 stainless-steel with a soft rubber over-mold to protect the muzzle and bore.  Interchangeable pins are available in four sizes: 22 (.22 caliber), 9MM (9mm, .357, .38 calibers), 40 (.40, 10mm calibers) and 45 (.45 caliber).

It’s fairly obvious that this system has one major drawback: it doesn’t lock your guns. However, if you’re needing organized gun storage in a locked compartment such as a gun safe or a retail display, or if you need a place to keep your gun ready while in your truck — or, if you’re in a line of work where you need to mount a gun under your desk that’s pointed at the front door … well, you’ve got a winner here.

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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