Ammo Caddy: How To Keep Your Lever-Action Rifle Well Fed


Enhancing your ability to manage your ammunition, the Versacarry Ammo Caddy is a must have for any lever-action rifle shooter.

How the Ammo Caddy enhances your lever-action rifle:

  • Handstitched and crafted in America.
  • Attaches to buttstock or belt in seconds.
  • Made of premium water buffalo leather.
  • Holds up to five rounds.
  • Attaches to base with industrial-grade aerospace grade velcro.

Few rifles require accessories other than the common optical sight and sling. The lever gun is the exception. To take full advantage of what it offers, a quality ammo management device is needed. For years we’ve relied on leather butt-cuffs that strap on the rifle’s stock to hold extra ammo or the field load. These are expensive and cumbersome. The new Versacarry Ammo Caddy is the solution.

The Versacarry AmmoCaddy allows you to easily keep your lever gun loaded to capacity, even during a shootout with an African buffalo.
The Versacarry Ammo Caddy allows you to easily keep your lever gun loaded to capacity, even during a shootout with an African buffalo.

The Ammo Caddy attaches to the rifle’s stock by a Velcro pad. This allows it to be removed or used in conjunction with extra AmmoCaddys. It also comes with a Velcro-fitted belt carrier, giving you the option of where to carry your Ammo Caddy, or to use more than one — one on the rifle and one on the belt.

More Lever-Action Info:

I used the Ammo Caddy in Africa on two lever guns. It was the best piece of kit I took on my buffalo hunt, because more than once I needed more ammo in a hurry. I also used it on several other rifles and find it hard to imagine hunting again without it. AmmoCaddys start at $39.99 and are available direct from Versacarry.

Lever-Action Rifle 2

Ammo Caddy Specs:

  • Comes with (1) Belt Attachment
  • Comes with (1) Adhesive Pad
  • Outside the Waistband Carry
  • Available for (26) Calibers
  • Best Used with Our Double Ply Leather Belt

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