What’s Hot in Handguns?

The Para SASS Wild Bunch 1911 pistol.
The Para SASS Wild Bunch 1911 pistol.

Ed Brown Products (43825 Muldrow Trail, P.O. Box 492, Dept. GDTM, Perry, MO 63462/(573) 565-3261/www.edbrown.com) will introduce a special run of ten Centennial Collector 1911 pistols, based on the company’s Classic Custom pistol. Each pistol will feature full relief engraving on the flats of the slide, frame and selected components, according to Brown, who also advises that there will be a “mainstream” Centennial pistol offered throughout 2011.

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A little change of pace is news that the Titan derringer from Cobra Firearms (1960 S. Milestone Dr., Suite F,
 Dept. GDTM, Salt Lake City, UT 84104/801-908-8300/www.cobrafirearms.net) has started shipping. I tested this gun earlier in 2010 and it’s a handful! It is a double-barrel derringer on steroids, capable of delivering the solid punches of a .410 shotshell (or slug), or a .45 Colt, and at close range, it’s a real fight stopper.

I was right about Glock (6000 Highlands Parkway, Dept. GDTM, Smyrna, GA 30082/(770) 432-1202/www.glock.com) last year, predicting something new on the lower end and mentioning the Gen 4 pistols, and at this writing, their Model 17 and Model 22 Gen 4 pistols are hot items. The Model 17 is a 9mm with a 17-round capacity with Glock’s trademark polymer frame and the Gen 4 exclusive capability of changing grip circumference by as much as 4mm. It has a new double-buffered recoil spring assembly, and the dust cover and slide nose ring have been redesigned.

Ditto on the Model 22, chambered in .40 S&W. There’s a short frame version and a reversible magazine release with a larger surface area.

Browning (One Browning Place, Dept. GDTM, Morgan, UT 84050/(801) 876-2711/www.browning.com) had not announced any new handguns for 2011 but the Buck Mark line “is doing very well,” according to spokesman Paul Thompson. Expect that to continue into the new year, as rimfire semi-autos remain extremely popular.

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