Videos: Accessories Aim to Help Gun Owners with NY SAFE Act


Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Stock


  1. You might want to verify that possession of non-compliant parts in addition to a compliant gun is legal. I recall that after T/C introduced the Contender carbine, if you owned a Contender pistol it was illegal to have the carbine stock without owning a carbine barrel as well. It would be a shame to install new parts to bring your rifle into compliance only to find that continued possession of the non-compliant parts put you in violation of the law.

    • You are incorrectly conflating possession of parts/accessories with them being assembled on the rifle.

      Maybe you need to read NY safe. there is already quite a bit of federal case law on this as well with possession threaded barrels in jurisdictions that prohibit pistols with threaded barrels, etc. They can be legally bought and possessed, just not assembled into the firearm while in that jurisdiction. I know I live in a heavily controlled state very nearby a free state where my rod and gun club is.. I can have lots of accessories prohibited on a firearm, use them at the range, take them off, and drive home and have all at home disassembled perfectly legally.

      If an accessory is specifically forbidden per se possession (say normal cap mags in some states) than possessing that single accessory is illegal, same with unregistered suppressors, which are also controlled.

      But it is not illegal to own, buy, sell or possess a telescoping stock in a state that forbids rifles with telescoping stocks, just illegal to put it on the rifle while in that state.

      3d printers will make this even clearer when anyone can simply make whatever they want illuminating gun control as a luddite and ignorant movement

  2. This new AR design staggers the Imagination for what’s excepted in abiding with New York firearm laws. I suggest those who live in the Empire State find a strategy to overcome theses moronic state and local leaders by moving out of New York. It will only get worse with time.. MOVE! Live free or Die.

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