Stag Arms Offers New Engraved Lower Receivers

Stag Arms is now offering new designs for its laser engraved lowers.
Stag Arms is now offering new designs for its laser engraved lowers.

It is no secret at this point that one of the allures of the AR is the ability to customize the firearm.

Shooters can switch out and swap nearly every part of the rifle, from its flash suppressor to its fire control. In a certain respect, it is a way gun owners can make a rifle truly their own.

Stag Arms is taking the concept of creating a firearm unique to its owner a step further than just accessory upgrades and swaps. The prolific AR manufacturer recently announced it is expanding its design choices for laser engraving on the magazine well of its rifles and lowers.

The Connecticut-based company is now offering the American flag and the Gadsden rattlesnake on the magwell of its lowers. The expansion was sparked by the popularity of the company's original engraving, the text of the second amendment. No matter the choice, the engravings are fairly affordable perks, adding only $15 to a rifle's overall price tag.

Unfortunately, those who already own Stag rifles will have to plan on buying a new one if they want something splashed across the side of their firearm. The option is only available on new guns, ordered directly from the company.

Stag Arms is one of the larger company’s to embrace engraving, but it is far from the only one. A number of smaller manufacturers have turned a lot of heads with some of the graphics they are putting on rifles.

York Arms, for instance, offers pretty extensive engraving choices, etching nearly any non-copyright image on a magwell. It, and other companies, also offer custom serial numbers for their receivers and selector markings.

As any fool knows, an engraved lower receiver isn’t going to make a rifle or its owner any more accurate. But making a firearm unique, is is definitely an option that is on target.

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