Father’s Day: Favorite Shooting Memories with Dad

Father’s Day: Favorite Shooting Memories with Dad

father's dayTimes have changed and passing on the love of shooting and firearms is no longer strictly the domain of fathers.

Luckily, the shooting world has seen more and more mothers, uncles, aunts, friends and colleagues share their passion for firearms to those close to them. But to be sure, fathers remain one of main conduits for passing firearms knowledge on, be it to their sons or daughters.

How about you? Did your pop help you get behind the trigger? How did your dad get you or keep shooting? What was the best shooting tip he ever gave you?

In celebration of Father’s Day (June 15), we would love to hear how your dad influenced you as a gun owner? Give us your best shooting, hunting or firearms story involving your dad below in the comments. We may use some of them in an u

There is no better gift you can give any dad for Father's Day than letting the world know how they influence your life and shared a passion with you.


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