Battle Rifle, Odin Works Team Up for AR Carbine

Battle Rifle, Odin Works Team Up for AR Carbine
Battle Rifle Comany and Odin Works joint project, the BR4 Odin Rifle.
Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works joint project AR Carbine, the BR4 Odin Rifle.
Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works joint project, the BR4 Odin Rifle AR Carbine.

Gun makers teaming up to whip out a new firearm is nothing new. Take Germany’s Mauser and Britain’s Rigby, for instance.

The iconic gun companies have and still do bang out some of the world’s top big-game rifles. Mauser provides its renowned magnum action, Rigby the stock, barrel and the rest of the rifle.

The perks of a join venture have not been lost on modern day manufacturers. And one of the most recent alliances has tackled a daunting task – creating a unique, but affordable AR carbine.

Time and shooters will eventually tell weather or not the Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works have succeeded. But at first blush, the companies’ BR4 Odin Rifle sure looks to fit the bill.

The key component Odin has supplied the AR carbine is its 12.5-inch keymod rail. The rail greatly expands the versatility of the rifle, allowing nearly infinite accessory configurations.

The rest of the firearm is built by the Battle Rifle Company and is based off its BR4 rifle. The designation is what the manufacturer gives all its guns with a 16-inch or shorter barrels.

The BR4 Odin is available in two of the more popular AR calibers, .223/5.56mm and .300 Blackout. Both barrels are 14.5-inches in length and are topped off with Battle Rifle Company’s flash suppressor.

The smaller-caliber barrel is chrome lined and has a 1:7 twist rate. It is also cryogenically treated, a finishing process where the barrel is dropped to sub-zero temperatures in an effort to create a more homogeneous structure in the metal.

The .300 Blackout barrel is outfitted with a 1:8 twist rate and comes with a nitride finish, which helps reduce wear and corrosion.

The rifle is available with a mid-length gas port and comes standard with a number of top-notch accessories. The BR4 Odin has a collapsible Magpul stock, comes with an extended trigger guard, is outfitted with B.A.D. lever for the magazine release and has a single-point sling adapter.

Battle Rifle Company has also made a number of other accessories available for the rifle, including a 13-slot rail and flashlight holder. These features, however, are sold separately from the base rifle.

The BR4 Odin is billed as Battle Rifle Company’s premium carbine, but it shouldn’t break the bank with a MSRP of $1,495. If it shoots as good as it looks, the companies' teamwork might have produced a win.

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