Semi-Auto Churchill 220 Field Ready For The Hunt

Semi-Auto Churchill 220 Field Ready For The Hunt

Churhcill 220 Field

Priced right and solidly made, the Churchill 220 Field has the right stuff to make hunting season a blast.

What Does The Churchill 220 Field Offer Hunters:

  • Very manageable 20-gauge chambering
  • Reliable gas-operation that also mitigates recoil.
  • Lightweight polymer stock and aluminum receiver.
  • Balanced handling for a smooth swing and consistent follow through.

Days growing shorter and autumn’s cool winds just around the corner, it’s getting time to think about knocking birds off the wing. Coincidentally, this also means shotguns should rise to the top of the mind.

If either of those itches have struck you, you’re in luck given the European American Armory Corporation unveiled its newest import recently–the Churchill 220 Field. While the polymer-stocked semi-automatic certainly isn’t a British best gun, it is solidly enough built and has the features to ensure a thrilling hunting season this fall. Chief among these, the 20-gauge’s overall affordable price. Manufactured by the Turkish firm Akkar, the gun comes in at a very affordable $414 MSRP, making it accessible to nearly any shooter’s budget.

Youth model's spacer system.
Youth model's spacer system.

So, what sort of gun do you get for the money? A pretty solid one with the Churchill 220 Field boasting a number of assets that should make it a pleasure to take on the hunt. First off, it’s a featherweight with the 28-inch barrel model—the largest in the line—tipping the scales at 6.3 pounds. The 26-inch barrel model comes in a hair under that and 24-inch Youth version at 5.85 pounds. Many might worry given the lightweight the guns are thumber, but given its gas operation should prove relatively mild—especially in 20 gauge.

Other notables of the Churchill 220 Field include vent rib, slim aircraft-grade aluminum receiver, front bead and excellent balance. The final point makes the semi-automatic extremely smooth on the swing and easy to follow through on shots. All the elements required to birds in the bag. Finally, the Youth model is set to grow with the shooter, featuring a spacer system to modify the length of pull. For the price, the Churchill offers plenty.

Churchill 220 Field Specs:
Gauge: 20
Barrel Length (inches): 28, 26, 24 (Youth)
LOP (inches): 14.25, 14.25, 13 (Youth)
Overall Lenght (inches): 44.7 (28-inch barrel), 45.7 (26-inch barrel), 42.5 (Youth)
Weight (pounds): 6.3 (28-inch barrel), 6.2 (26-inch barrel), 5.85 (Youth)
MSRP: $414

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