First Look: TriStar Bristol Side-By-Side Shotgun

First Look: TriStar Bristol Side-By-Side Shotgun

TriStar Bristol

Traditional good looks and excellent field performance, the TriStar Bristol side-by-side aims at being a bird-season classic.

The beat of wings on autumn air. Few things are better. Well, maybe one thing. Taking advantage of this special time of year with a side-by-side shotgun.

Generally, the classic scatter gun is cost-prohibitive for many given the expenses tied to tuning both barrels to hit the same spot. However, hunt around and you can find some gems. This certainly seems the case with the TriStar Bristol side-by-side line. Recently introduced, the Turkish-made smooth bore combines excellent lines with top-notch function for what looks to be a bird season classic. And while its MSRP is at the higher end of entry-level side-by-side shotguns—starting at $1,000—TriStar provides plenty of value for your money.

Available in two models—a color case-hardened action and silver—the Bristol side-by-side is engineered for fast action in the field. This is especially apparent in the shallow action, facilitating fast reloading, and a wide fore-end that lays nicely in the palm for quick pointing. Adding to the gun’s dashing looks regardless of action finish is a stick of select Turkish walnut, oil finished to bring out the richness of the wood. The stock styles vary depending on model, with the color case hardened Bristol sporting a straight English-style grip and the silver a more modern pistol grip. In either case, ample checkering aids in fast and intuitive handling, even in inclement conditions.

The TriStar Bristol is available in four bores—12-, 20-, 28- and .410—likely increasing its appeal to gauge-snobs. Regardless of bore, the gun boasts 28-inch, chrome-lined barrels, complete with auto ejectors and compatible with Beretta style choke tubes. Though, the importer outfits you well to start, including Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full chokes. Up top, the gun is equipped with a single, highly-visible brass bead to get you on target. As far as the trigger, TriStar opted for a single-select, with the barrel selector a thumb affair situated on the tang.

As to the gun’s looks, both iterations of the TriStar Bristol are striking, but the Silver model offers a bit more flare. Laser engraved with elaborate scrollwork and featuring 24K gold inlay on the underside of the action, the shotgun is certainly eye-catching. Even more so for the money you’ll pay.

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