Zeiss Announces LRP S3 FFP Riflescope

Zeiss Announces LRP S3 FFP Riflescope

Zeiss has just announced the LRP S3 FFP riflescope line, featuring two new models of long-range precision scopes with impressive elevation adjustment capabilities.

Zeiss is one of the optics world’s oldest and most respected scope manufacturers, with the company tracing its roots back to mid-1800s Germany. Despite the company’s age, Zeiss is still cranking out some of the industry’s best new riflescopes and optics. The newest addition to the Zeiss catalog is the LRP S3 FFP family, featuring two scope models with a choice between two reticle styles for each.

The Zeiss LRP S3 6-36x56mm.

Designed with long-range precision shooting and hunting in mind, the Zeiss LRP S3 series are First-Focal Plane scopes, and both models will be available in either MRAD or MOA configurations. Of the two LRP S3 models, one is 4-25x50mm and the other is 6-36x56mm. The former model’s tube is about two inches shorter than the latter’s, something to keep in mind if compactness is a concern, but the latter also provides a larger objective lens and greater magnification. They otherwise share most of the same features, including a daytime illuminated reticle, a zero stop and an externally locking windage turret, not to mention Zeiss’ impeccable glass quality.

The Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50mm.

The primary draw of both new scopes in the LRP S3 family is their elevation adjustment range, which Zeiss describes as being “best-in-class.” The 4-25x50mm model has 160 MOA of travel while the 6-36x56mm model has 110 MOA of travel. With that much built-in adjustment capability, these scopes could theoretically be used to accurately send rounds farther than other similar quality scopes in their class. This level of adjustment gives both models a lot of potential for those who participate in ELR shooting competitions, but it can surely be appreciated by hunters and more casual long-range shooters as well.

Kyle Brown, Director of Marketing and Products for ZEISS Consumer Products USA, said this about the LRP S3 scopes:

In long-range rifle competitions, shooters will experience challenging conditions like switching winds, poor and harsh lightning or the stress of time…You may not be able to control these conditions, but you can certainly adjust for them with your choice of a riflescope.

A closer look at the LRP S3 elevation turret.

Both models will be covered by the Zeiss Limited Lifetime Warranty and Five-Year No-Fault Policy, and they are anticipated to start shipping in North America at the beginning of October. Both versions of the 4-25x50mm model will have an MSRP of $2,199.99 and both versions of the 6-36x56mm model will be $2,499.99.

For more information, please visit zeiss.com.

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