Gear Review: Meopta MeoPro 8X56 HD Binoculars

Gear Review: Meopta MeoPro 8X56 HD Binoculars

Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - 1The new Meopta MeoPro 8×56 HD binoculars offer incredible low-light viewing performance and incorporate a host of other great features.

In his 1999 landmark book, “Optics for the Hunter,” John Barsness wrote, “Binoculars almost provide another dimension to our planet, and even the heavens.” Barsness also references Jeff Cooper’s anointing of the rifle as the queen of firearms and then goes on to call binoculars the “prince of the hunt.” I tend to agree with Cooper and Barsness but must offer that binoculars are not just for hunting.

Early on binoculars were just tools to allow both of your eyes to look at a magnified version of what they might gander at nakedly. With advancements in optics, we’re starting to see more specialized offerings. And, while the new roof-prism 8×56 MeoPro HD binoculars from Meopta might seem as though they’re just your average field glasses, they were built expressly for low-light performance.

Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - 2According to Reinhard Seipp, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Meopta USA, “The MeoPro 8×56 HD is the perfect low-light binocular. Its large 56mm objective and 8x magnification create an exit pupil of 7mm, which is about the maximum pupil dilation of a normal human eye.” This large exit pupil floods the eye with light, allowing hunters to see fine detail in extremely dim conditions. This is important for hunters and shooters. You might need to assess an elk’s rack or you might be trying to see bullet holes in your target, just before or after sunset.

But these binoculars are not just about a large exit pupil. All MeoPro binoculars are assembled in the United States and utilize Fluoride HD objective lenses and MeoBright ion-assisted multi-coatings. The lightweight magnesium chassis is built to withstand rugged conditions, and the sculpted, shockproof, rubber-armored exterior is comfortable in hand. They’re also nitrogen purged and fully sealed for complete fog and waterproofness.

Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - 3All external lenses are also treated with MeoShield. This is an abrasion-resistant coating, meeting military specifications. Twist-up eyecups feature four click-stop positions to accommodate users with or without eyeglasses and a right side ocular diopter control provides +/- 3 D adjustment for simple individual tuning. For their size, these binoculars are surprisingly light, and they have a capped tri-pod attachment on the front of the hinge. A soft case, strap and front and rear lens caps are included. Ingeniously, the strap and its quick disconnectors work for the binoculars or the carry case.

All you can really do when evaluating binoculars is look through them, toss them around, and get them wet. I subjected these field glasses to all that, but in the end, it generally comes down to a “take-my-word-for-it” evaluation. I really liked the way these glasses felt in my hands, and their low-light performance was astounding. I used them on several late evening whitetail hunts. Their brightness will easily fool you with regard to when the legal shooting hour has passed.

Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - 4My eyes told me the MeoPro 8x56s were simply stunning, though I did notice minimal but inconsequential fuzziness in the extreme outer edge of the field of view. My only real complaint was with regard to the interpupillary distance – the separation between the left and right barrel. I have predator eyes – my pupils are only 55mm apart – and that was just outside the lower limit of adjustment with these binoculars. Admittedly, only 5 percent of the human population has eyes as close together as mine, so check before you buy.

Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - 5Barsness also remarked in his book that most usually own two to four pair of not-so-good binoculars before stepping up and that it’s far cheaper to buy the best you can afford in the beginning. Considering the clarity and low-light performance of the Meopta 8×56 HDs, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to start or end your binocular search.

With Apologies to Dusty Springfield, “In the cool of the evening when everything is gettin' kinda gloomy,” binoculars like these are what you want!


Meopta MeoPro 8x56 HD review - specsMeopta MeoPro 8×56 HD
Magnification: 8x
Objective Lens: 56mm
Field of View: 6 degrees/314 ft. at 1,000 yards
Eye Relief: 18.5mm
Close Focus Distance: 7.2 ft.
Exit Pupil: 7mm
Twilight Factor: 21.2
Interpupillary Distance: 58-73mm
Dioptric Correction: +/- 3
Height: 7.0 in.
Width: 5.6 in.
Depth: 2.6 in.
Weight: 36.3 oz.
MSRP: $1,034.99
Manufacturer: Meopta USA


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