Nightforce Adds New 1,000-Yard Velocity Series Reticles


In response to demand for additional designs of their Velocity series reticles, Nightforce is now offering new reticles engineered for precision shooting to 1000 yards.

Thiswill expand the popular Velocity series to the company’s higher magnification riflescopes as well as provide solutions for the fastest magnums and other flat-shooting cartridges.

Virtually all modernrifle cartridges will adapt to one of the Nightforce V reticles, with minimal point-of-impact deviation from the reticle’s markings. Once the range of the target is known, the shooter merely chooses the corresponding elevation mark and aims dead on.

The V reticles are marked in 50-yardelevation increments to 800 yards, and 25-yard increments from 800 to 1000 yards. Windage compensation is marked in 5mph increments.

Unlike other manufacturers, Nightforce does not believe that only one or two ballistic reticles will meet the needs of all cartridges. Nightforce has instead created a vast range of extremely accurate and dedicated reticles designed to meet specific ballistic requirements for virtually all modern rifle cartridges.

V series reticles werecreated for applications where maximum speed and accuracy is critical. The Nightforce V series are up to twice as fast as traditional designs, since there is no need for drop charts, elevation adjustments, complicated calculations or guessing at holdover.

Nightforce has created an online ballistic calculator that allows the shooter to enter their specific cartridge details. It then indicates the specific V reticle that most closely matches their ballistics.

Nightforce V reticlesare clean and uncluttered, providing the ultimate in speed and accuracy. All Nightforce riflescopes come standard with illuminated reticles.

Nightforce is soconfident in their V series reticles, that they challenge any shooter to visit the Nightforce website, enter their favorite load into the on-line calculator, and prove to themselves that there is a V reticle that will maximize the potential of both the shooter and their rifle.

For more information contactNightforce Optics, Inc., 1040 Hazen Lane, Orofino, ID 83544, tel (208)
476-9814, or visit

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