Hogue OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole Stock Released for the Ruger 10/22

Imagine your Ruger 10/22 decked out with Hogue’s new OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole stock.
Imagine your Ruger 10/22 decked out with Hogue’s new OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole stock.

Hogue has a new stock for one of America's most iconic rimfire rifles. And it looks like it’s ready to get shooters knocking out the X ring. Imagine your Ruger 10/22 decked out with a Hogue OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole stock. Improved ergonomics and looks that inspire confidence.

Talk about configurable firearms and one type typically springs to mind — the AR.

The carbine’s modular design has attracted its fair share of shooters with a yen for customization. The venerable semiautomatic, however, is far from the only firearm engineered to be quickly and easily modified.

The Ruger 10/22 also has chops when it comes to the ease of alteration. And there is a slew of goodies available to really get the iconic rimfire rocking — from match triggers to threaded barrels ready for suppression.

Recently, Hogue tackled another aspect of the 10/22 and has come up with an upgrade that should send precision plinkers’ collective hearts soaring. That is because the Nevada manufacturer’s newest OverMolded rifle stock looks to have everything to get shooters on target.

Like its name suggests, the Tactical Thumbhole 10/22 stock has a primary defining attribute — its thumbhole. The feature is just the ticket to get a more solid handle on the rifle, along with making it more functional in the field.

The OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole stock’s pistol grip has been angled to give shooters a more natural hold, thus wielding more control over the rifle. It also allows for the buttstock to be firmly nestled into the shoulder, in turn adding more stability to a shot and permitting longer holds on a target.

The forend has also been crafted to aid with accuracy with a wider and curvaceous design. These features are meant to enhance the rifle’s stability when used in conjunction with a bipod or on a rest.

The buttstock has a raised comb, allowing for a firm cheek weld when the rifle is shouldered. This should step up a shooter's ability to acquire targets posthaste, not to mention accommodate a slew of different scopes and optics.

The OverMolded Tactical Thumbhole stock is mainly designed for heavy-barreled (.92-inch diameter) 10/22s. The stock, however, can accommodate standard contour barrels. The stock is available in six colors: black, OD green, flat dark earth, Ghillie green, Ghillie earth or purple. The stock is also available for the 10/22 takedown model.

The black model has an MSRP around $110, while the colored models are available for around $130.

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