Firefield Releases New Laser Light Combo

Firefield’s new laser-light combo that looks to light up carry pistols.  Photo Firefield
Firefield’s new laser light combo that looks to light up carry pistols. Photo Firefield

An advancement—a quite unheralded one at that—over the past decade or so is the size of firearm accessories.

Each year shooters are able to slap on lights, sights or what have you that are more compact and easier to manipulate than ever. Really, you don’t have to reach too far back in firearms history to discover how much more convenient accessories have become.

One of Firefield’s newest aiming solutions is a perfect example of these advancements. The Texas-based company’s Compact Pistol Laser Light Combo adds next to nothing to a firearm in the size and weight department; yet it gives shooters what appears to be a ton of functionality.

Concerning its dimensions, the unit measures in at 1.9×1.5×1.8 inches. As for weight, the laser light combo tips the scales at 2.6 ounces. Overall, that’s not a ton to tack onto a carry piece.

The unit is outfitted with a 180 lumen LED flashlight that has a range easily outstripping the practical function of nearly any pistol on which it will be attached. As far as the sight, the accessory has a 5MW green laser, which is visible at 50 yards in daylight and is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation.

The company opting for a green laser should make the sight a solid performer in low light. There are many who note the color is more visible in a dusky environment.

The Firefield Compact Pistol Laser Light Combo is designed to accommodate both right- and left-handed shooters. Facilitating this is an ambidextrous digital switch that controls both of the device’s functions. The laser-light combo is powered off one 3V CR2 battery, which has respectable life in the unit. The battery will juice up the laser for 9 hours of continual use, the light for 2 hours, and both function simultaneously for 1.5 hours.

The unit has a black composite body that is rated IPX4, which means it will remain functional, even if it is splashed with water. And it is compatible with Weaver-style mounts.

The Firefield Compact Pistol Laser Light Combo also appears to be a fairly affordable accessory. Presently, the company has it listed for $119.99 on its website.

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