Glock Tools in One Box


Screwdriver Set for Glock from Brownell's

Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of the Glock pistol. You don't need much in the way of tools to take care of these hard-working duty guns.

But there are some tools you must have and now Brownell's has put them all in one box — giving you a handy place to store your Glock tools so you can get your hands on them when you need them.

You get a nut driver for the front sight nut, a punch for the frame pins, one to help with magazine disassembly, a flat blade to push the mag catch spring aside and two Allen bits for various adjustable rear sights. All the “bits” fit into the full-size, hollow handle with a short shank, to keep you close to the work for maximum control. Everything is combined into one compact, self-storing unit called, coincidentally, Screwdriver Set for Glock. The stock number is #080-000-408 and the set sells for $19.97.

“If you own a Glock, having the right tools to take it apart for service will make your ownership experience even better,” said Pete Brownell, company President, “this Set has just what you need, and nothing extra.”

What I love about dealing with Brownell's is that I can get answers to any installation or troubleshooting questions from the experienced technical service staff with a quick, toll-free call (800) 741-0015.

Find them on the web at


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