Korth Carry Special feature

Korth Carry Special Review: Revolver Royalty

For those who only trust their lives to the best, here’s a closer look at the 2.75-inch Korth Carry Special.

High-Rolling Heaters: From Bergara To Manurhin

If you have money to burn, there are some fine quality heaters out there you can spend it on. Here we take a look at a few models from Bergara, Manurhin and more.

Pass The Turkey: Canik 9mm Handgun Line Review

A review of the Turkish company Canik’s line of inexpensive and exceptional 9mm pistols.
Infinity Classic feature

Custom Is As Custom Does: Infinity Single Stack Review

This custom single stack Infinity 1911 in .40 S&W helps prove that one-of-a-kind never goes out of style.

One Double-Ought Six: Smith & Wesson 1006 Review

An in-depth look at the mighty Smith & Wesson 1006 in 10mm Auto.

Shadow Systems CR920 Review

In this Shadow Systems CR920 review, the author shines a light on the company’s 9mm compact concealed carry pistol.

Wilson Combat SFX9 Review: Did The Best Get Better?

The author once called the EDC X9 "the best pistol ever made," but could the Wilson Combat SFX9 be even better?

Springfield Armory SA-35 Review: The Grand Puissance

Springfield Armory’s new SA-35 is a high-honored nod to the Browning Hi-Power.

Shadow Systems MR920 Review 

The handgun market may be saturated with fantastic plastic pistols, but the Shadow Systems MR920 is special enough to deserve another look.

Unsung Heroes: Underrated Carry Guns

A closer look at four sorely underrated concealed carry guns, from the CZ P10C to the IWI Masada.

Nighthawk Custom Drop-In Trigger System Review

A review of the near-fool-proof 1911 Drop-In Trigger System from Nighthawk Custom.
Wilson Combat Colt Revolver Sights feature

Wilson Combat Releases Colt Python And Anaconda Sights

Wilson Combat has just released several new front and rear sights for 2020 Colt Python and Anaconda revolvers.
Sig Sauer P320 review feature

Sig Sauer P320 Review: Completely Customizable

A review of the completely customizable Sig Sauer P320 along with some upgrades from Wilson Combat.

SDS 1911 A1 Tanker Review

Made in Turkey by Tisas and brought in by SDS Imports, the 1911 A1 Tanker is a superb, no-frills 1911 for an affordable price.

SAR 2000 Review: A Turkish Take On The Czech Classic

When it comes to budget CZ-75 clones, the SAR 2000 wins.

Taurus GX4 Micro-Compact 9mm Review

Taurus handguns have come a long way in terms of quality while retaining their affordable prices, one of the most recent examples of that is the Taurus GX4.


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