Gun Review: Wilson Combat Standard Model


While there is a bit of debate concerning the role of the shotgun in police work, there is no debate about the fight-stopping power that comes through a 12-gauge bore. And if there is one universal sound that signals things are getting really serious, it is the sound of someone racking the slide on a combat shotgun.

So, with that in mind, if you need a shotgun for self-defense, police work or military operations, you want something that will never fail you. Get your hands on a Wilson Combat Standard Model.

The Standard Model incorporates the features most shooters look for in defensive shotguns. The 18-inch cylinder-bore barrel with a 3-inch magnum chamber will handle any ammunition, including less-lethal rounds if you go that route. The magazine tube holds seven rounds and comes complete with an extra-power heavy-duty stainless magazine spring for sure shell feeding in any situation, and a high-visibility, non-binding follower to indicate an empty-magazine tube at a glance. You can also get a four- or six- round receiver-mounted Sidesaddle shell carrier

For sure grip and target illumination, the Standard model offers a synthetic butt stock and fore-grip. The fore-grip includes a 6-volt SureFire Tactical Light with 11,000 candlepower. Wilson offers a standard buttstock length, with an optional shorter buttstock – or your choice of an optional Knoxx SpecOps Stock or AR collapsible stock.

Other included features are a jumbo-head safety, multi-purpose tactical sling, buttstock sling swivel and a rigid magazine tube front sling mount. Wilson's adjustable TRAK-LOCK. Ghost Ring rear sight is paired with a ramp-type front sight with a tritium self-luminous insert for fast and accurate aiming.

We started shooting this gun offhand at 25 yards, but it was so smooth and accurate, we started backing up and when it was still on target out to 200 yards, we figured that would be “acceptable combat accuracy.” The cylinder bore consistently put all the pellets from 00 buck into a 19-inch wide target and the pistol grip made control a dream.

Retail prices start in the $1200 range. To get your hands on a Wilson Combat Standard Model, check out


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