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Best Scope Magnification: How Much is Too Much?

In general, the least magnification that gives you a clear target image is the best scope magnification. Noted long-range shooting authority Wayne van Zwoll explains why.

Rifle Shooting Basics: The Long-Forgotten Loop Sling

One of the most useful rifle shooting aids is also one of the most neglected. That is the use of the loop sling. The support and steadiness it provides, when properly used, is enormous.

Hornady Offering New Twist on Handgun Security

Historically, entry options for handguns safes have fallen into three categories -- keys, keypads and biometrics. But there appears to be a break in another direction with RFID technology hitting the market.

Two Critical Accessories in Building a Defensive AR-15

There are endless ways of configuring an AR-15. But, when it comes to home defense there are two accessories that are musts. If you focus on lights and sights, your gun will be decked out with what you need when it matters most.

3 Innovative Gun Storage Options

From gun safes to hard cases, here are three top-notch gun storage solutions certain to keep your most precious firearms in tip-top shape.

BLACKHAWK! Offers Discreet Options for Firearms Transportation

Firearms transportation can be a pain, especially when you're trying to cut a low-profile. But with these inconspicuous bags manufactured by BLACKHAWK! nobody will ever know you're toting your gun, even in the most delicate situations.

9 Must-Have Items in Pro Taran Butler’s Range Bag

Ever been curious as to what pro shooters must have when they compete? Here's your shot to find out! A top 3-Gun shooter gives us a glimpse at what he totes along when he competes in one of shooting's most demanding sports.

Snap Shooting Sight

This affordable plastic shotgun sight can change your shotgunning perspective.

Shotgun Ammo Rundown 2013

Check out these great new loads for scatterguns and slugsters - five ammo choices sure to accomplish any task asked of your shotgun.

6 Targets that Make Shooting a Blast

Tired of punching holes in paper when you go shooting? Here's the answer! From kinetic targets to shooting games, these six targets are certain to make your time behind the trigger much more fun, while still sharpening your skills.

No Shame in Using Low Recoil Ammo

Stop beating yourself up. New low recoil ammo from Hornady joins other popular offerings from Remington and Federal to make shooting fun. In fact, even lightweights like me can handle it.

10 Cool Gear Items for the Shooting Range

Wring maximum enjoyment from your time at the gun range with the right gear for the job. From ear and eye protection to instant-feedback targets, this list is a starting point for some of the new, great range equipment worth considering.

AR-15 Upgrades: 5 Can’t Miss Accessories

The two best things about owning an AR-style rifle: Shooting it and customizing it. Here are 5 accessory ideas to upgrade yours.

6 Best Handgun Laser Sights

These top laser sights will help you put rounds on target fast.

Snagmag Review: The Better Mousetrap?

I’d spent months looking for an easy-to-conceal, easy-to-draw pocket magazine holster for concealed carry. With the Snagmag the search is over.

Editor’s Pick: Holsters For Combat And Concealed Carry

Holsters for Combat and Concealed Carry emphasizes one of the most obvious, and most overlooked, aspects of personal protection.


Gun accessories for the shooting enthusiast, competitive shooter, hunter and survival-minded gun owner. Experienced shooters know the key to better shooting is staying organized at the range, these gun accessories are the place to start. From range gear to scope mounting tools, it’s all here. Also check out: AccessoriesAmmunitionOpticsReloadingSuppressors

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