9 Must-Have Items in Pro Taran Butler’s Range Bag

9 Must-Have Items in Pro Taran Butler’s Range Bag
Team Benelli 3-gun pro Taran Butler.
Team Benelli 3-gun pro Taran Butler.
Team Benelli 3-gun pro Taran Butler.

Taran Butler has made a name for himself as a top shot on the 3-Gun circuit, a member of Team Benelli and an instructor for Hollywood actors. Below is an excerpt from an interview Butler did with Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News. The big question Baird had for someone who lives in his range bag, what exactly is in it?

Trainer of the stars and dubbed one of the most versatile competitive shooters in the world, Hollywood’s Taran Butler is a no-nonsense, get-it-done-now guy. You might know him as one of Benelli’s 3-Gun pros, and he has collected multiple championships, including the Rocky Mountain World 3-Gun tactical champion (three times) and SMM 3-Gun Tactical Champion, 11 times consecutively.

During the height of his current competitive season, Butler took time to reveal what he carries in his trusty range bag, made by Green Mountain.

“I have been using the Green Mountain bag since 1996, and it’s awesome—not overly big or too small, and it can handle brutal baggage handlers. It’s by far the ultimate bag,” said Butler. For 3-Gun matches, Butler shoots a custom TR-1 ULTIMATE AR-15, TTI Glock 34, TTI ulti-mate Benelli M2 and a custom Infinity 1911.

Here’s what you’ll find in his range bag:

  • Infinity 1911 24-round magazines
  • BLADE TECH holster belt and mag pouches
  • Federal and Black Hills ammo
  • Tools and replacement parts
  • Pro Grip spray
  • Oakley glasses, Vltor fitted hat
  • 4-shot shotgun Kaddys
  • Aquafina water, vitamins
  • PMags

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