Weapon RAC, Compromise Between Gun Storage and Convenience

Weapon RAC, Compromise Between Gun Storage and Convenience

Weapons RAC keeps guns within reaching distance.
Weapons RAC keeps guns within reaching distance.

Typically gun storage solutions come in two variations – safes and display cases. While important accessories for any shooter these options usually have one major drawback — accessibility.

Once under lock and key, it takes a good amount of time to put a gun in working order. In a situation where seconds count, the minutes required to retrieve a gun from a safe or case can be costly.

With that in mind, one company has put a functional twist to stowing firearms. BenchMaster's Weapons RAC is a decent attempt to marry storage with convenience. RAC stands for Ready Access Containment, of which the company's sleeves and wall mounts offer in spades.

The sleeves, designed for handguns, are particularly intriguing.

The system comes in one- to four-gun configurations and in two types of storage systems. The shelf sleeves are meant to make closet or gun-safe shelves neat-and-easy storage areas. The larger models also come with extra magazine storage. The mountable one- and two-gun models, on the other hand, aim at more clandestine storage.

The models come with the option of magnetic or Velcro strips, allowing the sleeves to be mounted nearly anywhere. The door of a gun safe can quickly become handgun storage or the side of a bed stand can be mounted with a personal-defense pistol or revolver. It is even conceivable the sleeve could be mounted on the underside of a desk.

Given the light material the Weapon RAC sleeves are made – plastic and foam cushion – where the storage solution is installed is only limited by imagination.

Quick and easy way to stow your long guns.
Quick and easy way to stow your long guns.

The shotgun and rifle storage options are as simple as can be, little more than cushioned barrel rests with magnetic strips. The configuration makes nearly any metallic surface – such as the side of a gun safe – an extra storage area.

And with the entire RAC line running $12.99 to 39.99, the systems’ prices are all inclusive. BenchMaster’s storage solutions, however, might not be for everyone.

While the Weapon RACs contain guns, they do not secure them. To achieve a fully security, the systems must be used in conjunction with a safe. And the system might not be the first choice for putting a collector's piece in dry dock, since the Weapons RAC offer little overall protection.

However, if a snug storage area that presents a gun for quick retrieval is desired, BenchMaster's system is definitely a consideration.

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